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Companies with advanced levels of digital competence are more profitable
and happier places to work than their traditional competitors. 

We will help your company achieve this success from digital marketing, technology and skills.

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Stage 1: Present

The Present stage is a planning and strategy phase.
Doing it properly will give you the best chance of achieving success from your digital activity.
Is your digital marketing and social media strategy aligned with your business goals and objectives *

Are Business leaders / directors supportive and actively involved with your digital strategy *

Do you have a company culture and ethos that is communicated to staff and customers? *

How important is the digital competence and social media skills of your staff? *

i.e. it is part of the recruitment criteria and you provide regular training
Is your digital marketing and social media focused at clearly defined customer groups (buyer personas)? *

Do you have a content plan that supports your business goals and buyer personas? *

In the last two years has your website been optimised for... *

Do you have Google Analytics, UTM tracking codes, Webmaster tool and other reporting tools in place? *

Who is managing your website, content marketing and social media activity? *

Do you have a social media policy and escalation process for staff to follow? *

Digital Business Score: Present Phase

your score so far is 
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Stage 2: Active

The Active stage is your day to day activity.
It should be supported across the business and be focused, consistent and effective.
How many people in your company are regularly creating content and supporting your content production activity?

Do you have content and landing pages continously generating leads from your website traffic? *

If you do not know that probably means no...

How much time is routinely dedicated to your company's social media and content marketing? *

i.e. following a consistent plan with ring-fenced time to get the work done...

Are you sharing other people's content and links in your company's social media activity? *

This is often called content curation or content sharing.

Are you scheduling social media updates to promote your company and recycle popular content? *

i.e. social media updates created and scheduled for automatic broadcast...
Are you proactively following and engaging industry influencers on social media? *

Do you send out a regular monthly email newsletter? *

Are you tracking and reporting results of your digital, content and social media marketing, each month? *

i.e. using tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Insights or others...

Do you provide ongoing digital skills training to your team? *

Digital Business Score: Present + Active Phase

your score so far is 
{{var_score}} out of  80 *

Please type this number in the box below
Stage 3: Growth

In the Growth stage all your efforts turn into measurable results.
You are on your way to having the market leader advantage.
Are staff measured for their contribution to the digital success of your business? *

Is your business and its people being featured in content created and published by influencers outside of your business? *

Have you mapped out your customer journey and digital sales funnel? *

This is commonly supported with content and data capture to generate leads and sales.
To what degree are you identifying visitors to your website, using marketing automation tools and managing data in a CRM system? *

To what degree are you identifying visitors to your website, using marketing automation tools and managing data in a CRM system?

List any tools, software and technology you use...

Please separate with a comma
Which tools, software and technology have you considered...

Please separate with a comma.
Leave blank if you don't recall.

Do you currently run online advertising to support your lead generating content campaigns? *

Do you carry out A/B testing on lead generating campaigns to improve the results?

i.e. online ads, landing pages and email marketing

Do you know what your cost per lead and cost per acquisition is? *

This is what it costs you to acquire a new lead or customer from your website or online activity.
Are you tracking goal conversions on your website?

A goal is a success metric, commonly with a revenue value attached. Normally tracked in Google Analytics.
Do you have an effective sales process to follow up and convert web based lead generation? *

Is your digital, content and social media marketing delivering a positive return on investment (ROI)? *

Awesome job. You have now completed the Digital Business Score.

Please share a little information about your business so we know how best we can advise you. We will then give you your Growth Business Score.
What is the name of your company?

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What is your website site address?

...so we can see how best to help your business grow
If you know the answers to these questions we can work out how much your website traffic should be worth to your business.

We respect you sharing this information and appreciate it might feel sensitive. Any digital partner should ask you this though...be concerned if they dont.
How many visitors does your website receive on average each month? *

What is your companies annual revenues? *

This question is important as it helps us calculate how digital can deliver a return on investment and boost profits in your business.
What is your average revenue per sale or ideal revenue per sale? *

This figure helps work out how much  your website traffic should be worth to you
Across the three growth phases Present - Active - Growth
you scored  {{var_score}} out of 120

Digitally skilled businesses are 26% more profitable than traditional competitors. They work smart and use digital to create a competitive advantage. You cannot afford to get left behind.

Live And Social's unique approach will create digital competency across your business. We will ensure you have the strategy, training and marketing support to grow your revenues and beat your competitors.
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